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Young Peacemakers Club 

Elgin Community of Christ is in the process of setting up it's very own Young Peacemakers Club. We will offer bimonthly meetings to children of our community to come and learn about and celebrate peace. We will offer children a chance to: Imagine  making a peaceful difference in the world as you turn conflicts into opportunities. Explore the differences and similarities of the human family while discovering The Rights of the World's Children. Discover the joy and power of feelings, and the many peaceful choices for expressing those feelings.


We currently would like to recruit adults (18 and up) interested in joining us to head up this new and exciting opportunity to reach out to the youth of our area and help them discover a safe, joyful, learning environment that they can come to depend on to help them along in their journey. We take the phrase " it takes a village to raise a child" quite literally. If interested please contact Kate or John Kent. Thank You!


Peace for everyone
encourages justice and the possibilities
for peace within groups of diverse people.

Comprehensive Peace Education is taught using simple and fun activity centers highlighting four focal areas:

Peace for me

helps children discover the wonder and beauty within themselves, where peace begins.

Peace for us
explores daily relationships, stressing cooperation, conflict resolution and communication

Peace for the planet 
addresses planetary care and appreciation.